Your Home, Your Style

We all want to make sure our home is as secure as possible, and fortunately, it is simpler than ever to do so without compromising style. Whether you live in a Midcentury Modern Ranch, Modern Farmhouse, Spanish Colonial, Bohemian Craftsman, Italianate, or French Chateau, it is easy to find a lock that protects and matches your home. The key is knowing exactly which style of knob or lever is the right design. Once you have that, the buying process is simple. 

According to, the most popular homestyle in the United States is the Modern Farmhouse. Their warm and cozy design makes an inviting space for families and entertainment. Keeping with this theme of comfort, the lock that best fits this house’s style is a sleek black lever, which promotes ease of access to each room in the house. The lever is preferred instead of a decorative knob to match the straightforward design of the home. This simple black handle is perfect for any modern home. There are several black levers that meet BHMA Secure Home’s rigorous security testing standards, so, it is easy to find one to match your style and price range.  

Homes that are more traditionally designed often favor more conventional styles than a modern home. A round or sphere-shaped doorknob is often the best fit as a result. Vintage or ornate knob styles match the more eccentric nature of Victorian or Colonial homes. Mid-century modern houses are more flexible when it comes to the decision between a doorknob or handle, but if you choose to look for a knob, a sleeker design will be a better match for the home.  

No matter what style you choose to add to your home, it is important to make sure you are comfortable with both its design and its quality. BHMA Secure Home makes sure to test each of its handles and knobs for security, durability, and finish to make sure they meet the intensive performance requirements needed for a busy home. To ensure the lock you buy has been tested by BHMA, make sure to look for the Secure Home label. The label includes a rating of Good (C), Better (B), or Best (A) in each of BHMA’s three performance testing standards to help you make the best decision.  

For more door hardware style tips, visit the BHMA Secure Home Style Guide here.  

September 6, 2022

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