Why BHMA® Certified?

Developed by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, the BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label makes it easier for homeowners to find the right lock for their specific needs. Only products with the BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label have been rigorously tested to the highest performance standards when it comes to security, durability and finish.


Security Strength Tests

Security tests measure how well a lockset can withstand an attempt to gain entry. The tests simulate intrusions which may occur in real life.  Examples of applied forces are impact, excessive torque and other methods that anticipate and simulate intrusions.

Vertical Lever Impact Test, shown here, delivers five blows from a hammer to test how secure the lock is.

Photo: Courtesy of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

Durability Tests

Durability tests evaluate how hardware holds up over time after repeated openings and closings.

Cycling Lock Cycle Test, shown here, simulates real-life use by subjecting the lock to up to one million cycles of unlatching, closing and relatching.

Photo: Courtesy of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)

Finish Tests

Being exposed to weather extremes, oils and perspiration over time can cause hardware to discolor or corrode over time.

Standard Method Salt-Spray (Fog) Test evaluates the finish’s ability to resist corrosion — an important test for beach homes or for anyone living near salt water. Finish Tests, which access the effects of Humidity, Perspiration (chemical resistance) and UV Light and Condensation, among others, to help the hardware’s finish remain intact throughout such exposures.