Choosing the Best Door Lock For Your Needs | BHMA Certified

Assessing Your Needs

When it comes to your door hardware, choose BHMA Certified.

Not all doors in your house are the same – so why should your door hardware be? In fact, the type of lock you install depends on many factors, including its location in your home.

The BHMA Certified Secure Home™ label makes it easier to choose the lock – or locks – that best suit the needs of your home. When you buy a lock or deadbolt bearing the BHMA Certified Secure Home™ label, you can rest assured knowing it has been tested and certified to the highest performance standards for residential hardware and that it will meet your expectations – no matter what its Security, Durability and Finish rating.

When selecting new door hardware for your home, consider the information below to help determine which lock characteristics (Security, Durability, Finish) are most important to you when it comes to your latest project, and which ratings combination you should be looking for.