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Finish is the surface coating, or texture, of a product.

Will the protective aesthetic finish be exposed to the elements?

Finish measures how well your door hardware can endure under a wide variety of conditions over the span of the product’s life. Severe weather events and other factors, such as sun exposure, humidity, saltwater, dew and even the oils in our hands, can cause damage to entire structures and cause the finish of a lock or deadbolt to discolor or corrode. So, since your door locks or deadbolts will be exposed to the elements, consider:

Severe weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms
Exposure to salt water if located in coastal areas

Choosing the BHMA® Secure Home™ Label means that your locks and deadbolts have been tested to adhere to specific requirements, based on a Good (C), Better (B), Best (A) scale for the finish of your hardware. You can automatically feel confident that your selections have been tested to standards designed to hold up to the elements!

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Only products with the BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label are rigorously tested and rated for security, durability and finish. Click here to learn more.
Allegion Finish Test I

Finish Tests

Being exposed to weather extremes, oils and perspiration over time can cause hardware to discolor or corrode over time.

Standard Method Salt-Spray (Fog) Test evaluates the finish’s ability to resist corrosion — an important test for beach homes or for anyone living near salt water. Finish Tests, which access the effects of Humidity, Perspiration (chemical resistance) and UV Light and Condensation, among others, to help the hardware’s finish remain intact throughout such exposures.