Update Your Space, Inside and Out – Replace the Hardware on your Door

With the seasons changing and summer nearing, you feel the urge to renovate and give your house a new look. This might include replacing your facets, painting your interiors a new color, or updating the hardware on your door.  

If the look of your hallways or the exterior entrance of your home is something you’re not satisfied with, consider updating your doors hardware (knobs and/or locks). Changing your hardware can provide improvements in both the function of the door and the style of your home.  

Transform Your Door

Replacing the doorknob can effectively change the look of your door and give it an update you’ve been looking for. By exchanging your doors’ hardware, you can opt for a new one that better suits the aesthetic you desire. 

For example, you can consider updating your hardware with a lever instead of a knob to help with accessibility in your home. If you often carry groceries in through a certain door, you may want to opt for a lever with its ease of use. On the other hand, if you want to keep young children from opening certain doors, a knob might suit you better. There are plenty of ways the hardware on your doors, indoor or outdoor, can affect your life – that is why it’s important to make sure they work for you and stay in style. 

Kinds of Doorknobs

Let’s say your current doors do not go with the design of your home, changing the doorknob to fit the style can help put it all together. The finish and style of your door hardware can help reflect your tastes in home styles.  A rounded or spherical doorknob can be universally flattering while vintage and ornate styles tend to accentuate Victorian or colonial homes. Meanwhile, midcentury homes allow for options like knobs and handles that offer sleeker, chicer looks.  

When it comes to finishes, homeowners have many options. Polished nickel is a great option for many since the color adapts under certain lighting meanwhile antique brass compliments traditional settings due to its rich undertones. Additionally, matte black and antique nickel offer elegant yet chic appearances. Find your style and finish to create the perfect touch to your home with BHMA. BHMA ensures to test each of its locks and deadbolts for security, durability, and finish to make sure they meet the intensive performance requirements needed for a busy home.   

For more door hardware style tips, visit the BHMA Secure Home Style Guide here.    

May 31, 2023

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