Three Things to Consider –  Buying New Door Hardware for Your “Home Sweet Secure Home” 

Shopping for new door hardware can be difficult. Between the security, style, finish, and installation – it’s a lot to think through. Here are three things to consider that will make shopping for new hardware easier

What level of security do you want? 

This can be answered by asking yourself what door you are buying hardware for. For interior doors there are a plethora of options. For example, privacy doorknobs are great for bedrooms and bathrooms as they offer the ability to lock on the inside, but also have the safety capability of being able to unlock from the outside with a particular key. Passage doorknobs are those that come without any locking capabilities. These are often used for closets, pantries, or home offices.  

Exterior door hardware on the other hand comes with a higher level of security. These vary from single deadbolts to double deadbolt, to electronic locking systems, and even screwless hardware. All of which are considerable options when deciding what is best for your home. A single deadbolt and electronic deadbolts are the most common residential choices as they easily lock on one side. Double deadbolts are still common but require a key on both sides of the lock. Screwless hardware can be applied with any deadbolt you choose. This allows for added security since no one can remove your hardware without access to both sides of the door.  

What style do you like? 

Believe it or not, hardware comes in a variety of styles. Look at your home and determine if you want a doorknob that matches your homes style or decor. Doorknobs can match your home whether you have a traditional farmhouse, modern abode, or a rustic cabin. You may also opt to mix and match your hardware with your home – personalizing your household style even more. Look into sleek handles or tulip doorknobs for a modern look, choose a crystal one for an eclectic style, or stick with a traditional handle that will be timeless.  

What finish suits you best?  

The finish of your door handles is much more important than you realize. This is the surface coating of the hardware that will ultimately protect it from the elements and use over time. Though it has a functional purpose, you still want it to match your home. Bright chrome finishes are exceptionally durable and are great for contemporary or retro style households. Antique nickel is an excellent choice for modern styles due to its muted tone. Additionally, polished nickel can adapt its color in certain lighting making it a great option for any style home. You can also opt to have matte black which is popular for sleek minimalist styles or antique brass which leans more traditional.  

July 18, 2023

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