Three Reasons to Replace Your Lockset 

Locksets determine how secure your home is, how your household functions, and play a part in your house’s design. It is important to replace your locksets every 5-10 years, but there may be other factors that will prompt a replacement. Here are three reasons it might be time to replace your lockset: 

1. Your Lockset is Getting Old 

Locksets aren’t immune to the elements. If you notice the durability or finish of your lockset deteriorating, it is probably time to replace it. Over time, consistent use and weather can affect the integrity of your lockset. If you notice your lockset has rusted, tarnished, is stiff or too loose – it’s time to buy and install a new lockset.  

2. Your Access Needs Have Changed 

Your lifestyle and the way you live changes as time goes by. Since locks, deadbolts and doorknobs are not the same for everybody, it is important to have one that works for you and your abilities. If you have limited use of your hands or arms, have strength or dexterity issues, it might be time to consider replacing your lockset. Useful options include lever locksets, pull handles or a keyless entry system.  

3. Your Lockset is Out of Style 

Having a beautiful home starts with your home’s curb appeal. Everything from entrance door style to hardware finish affects your home’s first impression. If you are looking for an easy way to modernize your house, consider replacing your front door lockset with an updated style. Choosing a lockset that matches your house’s style adds an extra layer of appeal and your own personal touch. If you have a traditional style home, try a polished brass lockset. For a contemporary home, you may want to try a satin nickel lockset. Add value, style, and security to your home all at once with a new lockset.  

April 18, 2023

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