Summer Fun and your “Home Sweet Secure Home”

Now that July is underway, the dog days of summer are officially upon us. That means barbeques and pool parties with friends and family, competitive games of cornhole in the backyard and lots of sunshine. However, that sunshine brings with it a ton of concerns for homeowners to worry about, particularly when it comes to locksets, doorknobs and door handles. Sticky ice cream-covered fingers, chlorine, hot sun and deep humidity and constant use by partygoers coming in and out of your yard are all things that can cause lasting damage to your door. Fortunately, the BHMA® Certified Secure Home™ label is here to help.

The Builder Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA®) created the Secure Home label to help residential hardware buyers identify products that have been ‎rigorously tested and meet high-performance standards. The label can be found on the packaging or in the online description of any product certified by BHMA and displays a grade of Good (C), Better (B), or Best (A) in our three performance categories, security, durability and finish. 

BHMA® Certified Secure Home™ label

Depending on your needs, you can prioritize the category that best fits your needs to find the best fit for your door. For instance, if you’re having trouble with the constant use of your back doorknob during the summer season, finding a knob or handle with a high durability rating is likely to be what you are looking for. By contrast, if the harsh weather conditions and chlorine are starting to discolor or corrode your old hardware, buying a product with an A rating in finish is the best option. Or, if you just want an extra layer of security for your home, finding a lock, knob or handle with a high-security rating is the perfect solution.

When searching for new door hardware this summer, look for products with the BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label. It is the easiest way to guarantee that your product has been tested rigorously in the three areas most important to any homeowner.

July 6, 2022

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