Spring Renewal: Enhance Your Curb Appeal with A New Lockset 

Spring is the season of new beginnings. So now is the perfect time to update your curb appeal by changing your lockset. Not only will it ensure your safety, but it’s an affordable way to keep your home looking new. Here’s all you need to know in choosing a new lockset for your home.

Know Your Style 

The style of your home goes beyond the home style (be it Colonial, Rustic Farmhouse, Mid-Century or Modern), so make sure your lockset fits your homes aesthetic. Lockset styles range from handles to knobs and include different types of deadbolts. For example, if you have a door that needs extra security, you may want to opt for a double-cylinder deadbolt that requires a key for both sides. For a typical front door, you may want a single-cylinder deadbolt more commonly used as it only utilizes a key on one side.  

Regardless of what style deadbolt you choose the decision to opt for a handle or a knob is more important than you realize. Lever handles offer a sleeker look in decor choice and ease of access, especially for those who struggle with mobility or are often carrying things into the house. 

Knobs on the other hand provide another level of security. If you have young children or pets, having a knob makes it harder for them to access spaces they shouldn’t. A spherical doorknob can be universally flattering no matter what style home. 

Finish Matters 

Hardware finish is integral to your hardware choice, both in looks and durability. Regarding looks, finish is what most people attribute to the aesthetic of your home. While you are updating your home this spring, changing the hardware finish will make your door look as good as new.

For those in modern or contemporary homes, matte finishes are often complimentary. Opt for a matte black handle to stay on trend. For traditional homes, many go for a satin nickel or antique brass that adds a timeless, yet new touch. This can help your overall curb appeal. Finally, don’t forget you can mix and match finishes throughout your home no matter what style. 

Overall, finish is one of the key choices when considering a new lockset. Make sure you consider them for small DIY, affordable updates to your home this spring. Enhancing your curb appeal in one step that will have a lasting impact.  

April 1, 2024

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