Elevating Your Home: How your Locksets Finish Can Make an Impact 

When it comes to home décor and design, every detail makes a difference – including the finish of your lockset. Often overlooked, the choice of your lockset can significantly impact the look and feel of your home. Consider finish options that add character and assist in a cohesive look throughout your home – while keeping you safe. 

Consider Your Finish Options: 

Brass: Brass is a timeless choice that exudes warmth and sophistication with options from polished to antique. Lending itself to traditional homes for a classis look. Brass is also on trend for an updated and modern look. 

Stainless Steel: Sleek and minimalistic, stainless steel is a great choice for most homes. Providing a contemporary appearance, this finish will complement modern homes with ease.  

Chrome: Versatile and stylish, chrome locksets blend with a variety of décor styles. With its reflective characteristics, it adds a touch of elegance while adding a pop of brightness to any door.  

Bronze: A timeless choice that adds a rustic feel and character. Perfect for a traditional home or a modern farmhouse feel. These finishes come with options to be aged or satin – allotting a vintage allure or a modern appeal respectively. Overall, this finish is popular due to its ability to add depth to your doors while providing character to your home.  

Matte Black: One of the latest trends, matte black adds sophistication. Taking a contemporary or modern home to the next level. Often paired with a geometric style, this finish adds depth and contrast to your home.  

Find Your BHMA Certified Lockset 

BHMA certified locksets are tested to ensure the finish is durable. Meaning your lockset will not only add dimension to your home aesthetically but last the test of time while keeping you safe. Learn more about BHMA finishes on our finish page and check for the BHMA certified label while you update your lockset.  

May 1, 2024

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