Choosing your Deadbolt and Handle Combinations for a Home Sweet Secure Home  

Home security is the top priority for homeowners everywhere. With the summer season in full swing and families spending their time on vacation or away from home for periods of time – it’s easy for your home to be left vulnerable. A critical part of your home’s security is your lockset. Here’s an in-depth look at how high-quality locksets can significantly enhance your home’s security and peace of mind.  

Understanding Locksets 

A lockset is more than a lock; it’s a complete system that includes the handle, locking mechanism (deadbolt and thumbturn), and its compatibility with the door itself. Locksets also come in various types including knobs, levers, and handle sets. All of which can be combined with a traditional deadbolt or a smart lock. Each type offers different levels of security and convenience.  

Types of Deadbolts and Their Security

The Single-Cylinder Deadbolt: This deadbolt uses a thumbturn on the inside of the door and a key on the exterior side. It is the most common deadbolt used for households.  

The Double-Cylinder Deadbolt: Another common deadbolt, however, this one requires a key for both sides of the door. 

The Electronic Deadbolt: One of the newer choices on the market for homeowners, this deadbolt utilizes the ability to forego a key and simply requires a code. 

Types of Handles 

Doorknobs: These have a historical significance due to their long-term use, making them a great choice for colonial or craft-style homes. From a technical standpoint, these are also harder for young children to utilize, making them preferable for families with little ones. 

Levers: These are gaining popularity due to their sleek look that complements modern and contemporary homes. Levers are great options for those who live busy lives and for those who can’t turn a knob well. 

Pull handle/handleset:This is a traditional option that is seen in many households. Providing a timeless look along with the ability to push or pull the handle with ease. Keep in mind, these can be paired with a knob or lever on the interior of the door while the handleset is on the exterior of the door – allowing your style and functional needs to be met. 

Combinations for the Best Security and Style 

  • Knob with a single-cylinder deadbolt  
  • Knob with a double-cylinder deadbolt 
  • Knob with a smart lock 
  • Lever with a single-cylinder deadbolt 
  • Lever with a double-cylinder deadbolt 
  • Lever with an electronic deadbolt 
  • Handleset with a single-cylinder deadbolt 
  • Handleset with a double-cylinder deadbolt 
  • Handleset with an electronic deadbolt 

Investing in high-quality locksets is a foundational step to securing your home this summer. Make sure you have the right deadbolt and handle combination that works for your family – keeping a “Home Sweet Secure Home”.  

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June 28, 2024

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