3 Tips To Properly Identify A BHMA Certified® Product

Are you wondering if a product is truly BHMA Certified®? Here are three tips on how to properly identify whether a product is BHMA Certified® or not.  

Tip #1 Look for the Label 

BHMA certified products will contain the BHMA Certified® mark or BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label (see photos of mark and label below). In most cases, the certified products will carry these logos on the product itself, the packaging, or in the online product details. It’s important to note that products correctly using the BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label have been rigorously tested to the highest performance standards and will include the security, durability and finish ratings for residential products. However, the logos can be modified or designed to look like the original but may not be the real thing so be on the lookout! 

Tip #2 Vague Terminology

A BHMA Certified® product will reference a specific standard in the A156 series. For example, it would state “certified to ANSI/BHMA Standard A156.1-2013”. Without referencing a specific standard or featuring the BHMA Certified® mark or BHMA Certified® Secure Home™ label, these following phrases can incorrectly imply that a product is certified: 

Tip #3 Verify with the CPD

If you’re still unsure, remember that all BHMA Certified® products are listed in our online Certified® Products Directory, which is updated daily providing an up-to-date listing. Products can either be searched under the specific ANSI Standard or the brand name of the product. The BHMA Certified® Products listings are always available online on the BHMA website and with just a quick search, you can determine if products are truly BHMA certified or not.  

If you believe a manufacturer is falsely indicating compliance with the BHMA certification program or have questions about a specific product, contact BHMA at [email protected] 

March 24, 2023

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