2024 Trend: The Year of Durability and Style

Each year brings a new wave of trends when it comes to homeownership, and 2024 is no different. This year, trends are escaping the traditional and taking advantage of unique designs – making door hardware the perfect place to accomplish this.

Not only is hardware an easy way to add a unique touch to your home, whether interior or exterior, but changing them is also a fairly quick task. New trends come and go which provides the benefits of trying something different without the commitment.

Here are a few ways you can update your locksets to stay on trend for 2024:

1. Mix up your metals

Your house doesn’t need to be entirely monochromatic and that goes for the metals you choose as well. Try changing your door hardware metals throughout your home. Options include having one color metal per room or completely mixing and matching them throughout.

Brass, black, and bronze metals can be combined harmoniously for a sleek, modern twist in any room. Go traditional or seek an antique vibe by mixing brass and nickel. If you’re curious but don’t want to switch up too much, simply start with your front door.

2. Try changing your style

Metals are just one option when it comes to change. Check if you would prefer a handle or a knob. Keep in mind these both have a range of benefits that can be tailored to your day-to-day life. Handles are great for doors you are constantly going in and out of, to use when you are carrying objects, and are easy for those with weakened hand or arm strength. Whereas knobs are a parent’s best friend. These assist in keeping kids out of certain areas and avoid the chance of getting hooked on the door when passing by.

3. Figure out what styles and durability combinations you need

BHMA not only helps you upgrade your style but makes sure you do so with durability in mind. Through our rating system you can determine what type of hardware security, style, and level of durability for each door you are looking to change. From front door to bathrooms, you can be safe, secure, durable, and in style.

For more information on getting a stylish, yet durable lockset, check out our durability page.

February 6, 2024

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