10 Steps to Prepare Your Door for Winter 

Fall is quickly arriving, and winter is right around the corner. Although we’re all looking forward to a chilled breeze, leaves falling, and decorating our houses with the quintessential fall décor – the changing weather can affect your door and ultimately your house in more ways than you know. Here are 10 steps you can take to prep your door for winter: 

  1. Make sure the latch and the strike fit together. This ensures your door will lock correctly and safeguards your door as the weather changes and wind picks up. 
  1. Check weather stripping for seals. This is an area often forgotten but can have an enormous impact. If you can see light in between the frame and the door, it isn’t sealed properly, and wind is likely getting through. If you are unsure, you can take a match and light it near the door as well. If it flickers, you likely have a leak.  
  1. Adjust the door closer to make sure it is closing properly. Doors usually allow five seconds for entry and exit. If your door is closing right behind you or taking too long to close, you should adjust this.  
  1. Check for dirt and debris. Dirt and debris in your hardware seems harmless, but in the fall and winter, it can prevent your door from closing properly. This creates an opportunity for a draft to occur while inviting unwanted moisture in – damaging your hardware and trim over time. Don’t forget this will also ultimately raise your heating bill if it is left too long.  
  1. Inspect your doors threshold. Check the bottom of your door for any gaps. This is another area where inclement weather can seep in. If so, consider buying a door bottom, door sweep, or a new threshold to seal these gaps.  
  1. Lubricate your locks and hinges. I know, this is the last thing anyone wants to do or think about, but door operation and management ensures your door, and its hardware will last. 
  1. Try insulating films. If you have a glass door, you are even more susceptible to weather changes. Try installing insulating films to increase the thermal rating of the glass. 
  1. Have de-icing spray on-hand. Sometimes, no matter what we do, we cannot prevent the effects of the weather. Have de-icing spray on hand to use on your locks if they freeze. Spray it right into the keyhole to fix the problem in seconds. Keep in mind, this is only a temporary solution, and won’t prevent it from happening again. 
  1. Invest in smart locks. If you really want to prepare for the changing weather and don’t want to go through all these steps. Simply invest in locks that use codes instead of keys.  
  1. Keep your doors closed as much as possible. Though this should be done in any season, fall and winter have the largest effect on your home. Whether it be inviting inclement weather in, spreading moisture throughout the house, or jamming your locks – keeping your door closed is the simplest solution to these issues.  
October 1, 2023

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