What is a lockset? How do I know which type to purchase?‎

If you’re replacing or updating the locks on your door, start by brushing up on your vocabulary. Locksets ‎are the locks connected to doorknobs and door handles that are used to close and lock your doors.‎

Entry locksets are usually for doors leading outside and provide security. They can be locked and unlocked ‎with a key from the outside and by turning a thumbturn from the inside.‎

Interior locksets are usually for doors that do not lead outside. There are two common types.‎

  • Privacy locksets are typically used on bathroom and bedroom doors. These lock and unlock from ‎the inside using a thumbturn or pushbutton, and are also capable of being unlocked from the ‎outside with a simple pin-like tool if need be.‎
  • Passage locksets don’t lock. They latch your door closed and are generally used on closet or ‎pantry doors where locking is not required.

When it comes time to choose a product, make sure the locksets you select have the BHMA® Certified Secure Home™ label. Hardware that has been certified by BHMA has been ‎rigorously tested and meets high performance standards for security, durability and finish.

August 27, 2021