What is a deadbolt? How do I know which one is best for me?‎

If you are shopping for new door hardware products, make sure you’re familiar with the different ‎components that protect your exterior doors. Deadbolts are typically used in addition to a lockset on ‎exterior doors to provide extra security for your home.‎

Bored deadbolts are the most common deadbolt. They sit on the face of a door (in a hole that is “bored” ‎into the door) and must be operated with a key or thumbturn. There are two main types.‎

  • Single-cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on the exterior and a thumbturn on the interior. This ‎allows you to quickly exit your home in the case of an emergency.‎
  • Double-cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on both the exterior and interior. They are commonly ‎used on French patio doors where the glass could be broken to gain access. While this adds extra ‎security, it can also make it more difficult to exit in the event of an emergency.‎

Whether you are shopping on your own or being assisted by an employee at your local hardware store, make sure the products you select have the BHMA® Certified Secure Home™ label. Hardware that has been certified by BHMA has been ‎rigorously tested and meets high performance standards for security, durability and finish.

August 27, 2021