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Finish is the surface coating, or texture, of a product.


The UV Light and Condensation Test, for example, exposes a product to tanning bed-like conditions for nearly 144 hours.

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Finish Tests

BHMA tests the finish of a product to measure its ability to resist softening, bubbling, peeling, discoloring or corroding over time. Below are some of the tests we do include, but can we make relevant application examples as shown here:

  • Salt Spray Test (Coastal Homes)
  • Humidity Test
  • Pencil Hardness Test
  • Perspiration Test
  • UV Light and Condensation Test

Products with an ‘A’ rating for Finish, for example, are exposed to tanning bed-like conditions for 288 hours under the UV & Condensation Test. This is the equivalent of having your lock or deadbolt exposed to both UV rays and humidity for several years!