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Understanding Good (C), Better (B), Best (A)

When it comes to door hardware, it’s not ‘one size fits all.’ To make sure you’re buying the lock or deadbolt that best fits your home need(s), first check the Security, Durability and Finish ratings on the product’s BHMA Certified label.

Each BHMA Certified lockset and deadbolt is rigorously tested in each of these categories based on industry standards that set progressive levels of performance requirements for residential hardware.

If a product is capable of meeting the specific performance requirements for security, durability and finish that have been set forth in its respective standard, it is given a C (Good), B (Better) or A (Best) rating in each category, based on how it performed during each testing phase.

It’s important to note that any product bearing the BHMA Certified Secure Home™ label has been tested to the highest quality standards in its category, and is of utmost quality regardless of the rating combination on its packaging!

If a product passes the rigorous tests for each of these categories, it is then graded based on how well it performed during each test.

The rating combination you choose will reflect the specific Security, Durability and Finish needs for the specific doors in your home. Here are just some examples of different labels you might find when looking for a new lock or deadbolt:

Good = C

Better = B

Best = A

You would find this label on a lock or deadbolt that received the highest performance rating for Security and Finish.

You would find this label on a lock or deadbolt that received the highest performance rating for Durability.

This lock or deadbolt received a “Good” rating in every performance category that BHMA tests for certification, and will perform to your expectations time and time again.

Don’t be misled!

BHMA Certified hardware is the only hardware that has been through the certification testing process, so you can rest assured that your products are of the utmost quality, regardless of the grade.

Certified Products
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(Please be sure to select A156.39 Residential Locksets and Latches or A156.40 Residential Deadbolts from the ANSI/BHMA Standard drop down menu to find the product you’re looking for!)